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  • 'Where'd me queue go?'
    *looks at drafts: ~400*

    Edit: I just posted this straight to my drafts *facepalm*

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  • sarahlayphoto:


my dear camera totally and completely stopped working while i was shooting a show tonight, which is incredibly upsetting, but i’m trying to come up with some money to get it repaired or buy a used one. i’m selling prints of all of my photos - if you’re interested and wanna help a sista out, please shoot me a message or pick up a print from the link below. any help is very much appreciated!! :)

Help this incredibly talented sista out and pick up prints to fund a working cam!

Dying cameras are bad. Helping people is good. Go spend your hard earned money on supporting the talented people instead of the snacks. The snack food industry doesn’t need any more supporting.
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  • mi-gorainey:

    All band photos below by talented little fucker Chris Webster (actually not a little fucker but is talented). Cheers for letting me re-blog them


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  • Anonymous asked : What state do you live in ?



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  • 06.08.2014 - Big D and the Kids Table
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